06.08PPLProvidence, RIMem1 / Exceptet
03.2095 EmpireProvidence, RITongue Depressor+Larkin/Adaa/C.Sig
07.27MWMPawtucket, RIS Decker, Beige, Statues of Eden
07.06AutomataLos Angeles, CAw/ Martin & Homler, Rothbaum, Lay
06.04Non-EventBrookline, MAMem1 / Cormier, Sandoval / Ullmann
04.15Modern SoundsProvidence, RIMem1 + Andrea Young
11.30Summer StProvidence, RIw/ A. Wolman, N. Leonard, F. Caruso
08.08MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Meinschaft, Hampshire, Amat, HOF
02.13AuroraProvidence, RIw/ D. Wyche, C. Allin, House Red
02.04Ars Subtilior #8Providence, RIw/ works by Oliveros & Lamb
11.26Random Gear FestProvidence, RIw/ Casserole, Moldof + Simmons et al.
09.16WaterworksBoston, MAw/ B. Murray, AgX Filmmakers Collective
08.07DOT AIR 2016Pawtucket, RIw/ A. Young, S. Hennies, L. Amat et al.
07.28Volume / NPULos Angeles, CAw/ R. Menzies, S. Davachi + P. Clipson
06.25Re:SoundVallejo, CAw/ D. Menche, C. Duncan, Z.J. Watkins
05.16AuroraProvidence, RIw/ Svarte Greiner, V. Sinclair, Scarpa
03.10186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Vitiello + Leonard, Moldof
11.08AuroraProvidence, RIw/ B Belleure/Pod Blotz/Amat+Reveneau
07.17SASSAS at MorYorkLos Angeles, CAMem1, Robert Schwarz
07.12Museum of CA ArtPasadena, CASteve Roden + Mem1
06.21MWMPawtucket, RIw/ T Dorji, Schofield/Moldof, K Whitman
04.03186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Benny Nelson, Park & Tamirisa
03.01ProxyProvidence, RIw/ Deleuzer/Parker/Schofield/Frey/Moldof
12.29Psychic ReadingsProvidence, RIw/ Phurnne/Blue Shift/MU/Sunk Heaven
11.24MWMPawtucket, RIMem1 + Faravelli, M E-W, S/H, Moldof
11.20Washington St. ArtsBoston, MAMem1, SULT, Jesse Summers
08.27NightvisionsProvidence, RIAmat/Parker/Underwood/Kuhne/Morosky
07.26AS220Providence, RIw/ Mori + Moldof, Sondheim + Carter, InC
07.12Soundwave BiennialSan Francisco, CAw/ C Leonard + O Stern, E Vargas
06.05MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Braveyoung, High Aura'd, House Red
03.27O'Milan, ITMem1 presentation / performance
03.21Psychic ReadingsProvidence, RIw/ Schematics, W/D, Hernandez & Ruin
12.12MIT Bartos TheatreCabridge, MAMem1, Cloud Ludum Ensemble
10.09MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Clay Rendering, HB, Pool, MM&W
09.15186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Ed Osborn
08.08Galerie Sans NomMoncton, NBMem1: LeHum vol. 1 no. 5
05.16Grant HallProvidence, RIw/ Steve Roden, Caroline Park
04.07A.I.R. GalleryBrooklyn, NYMem1: Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes
03.08Granoff CenterProvidence, RIMem1 + S Vitiello, E Osborn, P Bussigel
02.16Ctrl+Alt+RepeatProvidence, RIw/ C Park, L Moldof, Mullen + Whitman
06.09Wave Energy SeriesSan Diego, CANo Fancy, Cloudseeder
05.29Re:Flux FestivalMoncton, NBw/ Bill Orcutt, Paranerd, André Cormier
01.16Cafe OTOLondon, UKw/ Attila Faravelli, D Thomas Freeman
10.01Equinoxygen FestivalTeaneck, NJMem1 + Vitiello, Hudak, Honig, Deupree
09.23PixilerationsProvidence, RIw/ B Rovan + L Leone, J Moses et al.
08.27UVM 2011Montreal, QCw/ Salvail, Saint-Denis, Kapuscinski
05.29AS220Providence, RIw/ Mark Lord,Pregnant Spore, Yellow...
05.12Firehouse 13Providence, RIw/ E Karel, L Goeringer, CMW Players
05.07BCA / Mills GalleryBoston, MAw/ Nonce Ensemble
03.31Non-EventBoston, MAw/ Frank Bretschneider
02.05186 CarpenterProvidence, RIw/ Area C, Joe Cantrell
01.27RK ProjectsOlneyville, RIw/ Area C, Animal Hospital, et al.
10.01PixilerationsProvidence, RIw/ Freida Abtan, Rovan/Leone et al.
07.31Le CagibiMontreal, QCw/ R Henke, F Abtan, S Turner
07.29Issue Project RoomBrooklyn, NYw/ J Narveson, Fefferman/Welch
06.26Volume at TAMTorrance, CAw/ Kadet, Y Novak, J Boyd et al.
05.31Synchronicity SpaceLos Angeles, CAw/ Svarte Greiner, Yann Novak et al.
05.20ResboxLos Angeles, CAw/ Nakatani/Tiner/Drake, L Escude
01.31Pacific Design CtrLos Angeles, CAw/ Jen Boyd, Adam Overton, Julia Holter
12.04Yerba Buena ArtsSan Francisco, CAw/ Kadet Kuhne, Elise Baldwin
11.22Redcat LoungeLos Angeles, CAw/ qqq, Spastic Colon
11.12Luggage StoreSan Francisco, CAw/ 15 Degrees Below Zero
11.07BlimVancouver, BCw/ J Allport, A Young, J Drouin
11.05Jewelbox TheaterSeattle, WAw/ Wyndel Hunt, S Barsotti, Tiflin
11.04DunesPortland, ORw/ Pulse Emitter, Daniel Menche
10.02LACELos Angeles, CAw/ S Roden, Domizil + ICST Zurich
09.26PehrspaceLos Angeles, CAw/ Novak/Long, Sublamp, Help [...]
09.24Slow SoundLong Beach, CAw/ Aaron Ximm, Missincinnati
08.13Natsoulas GalleryDavis, CAw/ Jen Boyd, K Corcoran
07.22Echo CurioEcho Park, CAw/ A Paul, E Keszler, Monsturo
07.21PsychotechnicsLos Angeles. CAw/ A Paul, E Keszler, D Romero
05.095 Traverse GalleryProvidence, RIw/ Area C, Ashley Paul
05.07Outpost 186Boston, MAw/ Area C, Courtney Brown
05.02King Street ManorNorthampton, MAw/ Area C
05.01L'EnversMontreal, QCw/ Area C, La Part Maudite
04.30MonkeyhouseBurlington, VTw/ Area C
04.25Listen / SpaceBrooklyn, NYw/ Area C, Ben Owen + Tom Mulligan
04.24Brickbat BooksPhiladelphia, PAw/ Area C
04.23Pyramid AtlanticSilver Spring, MDw/ Area C, Fast Forty
04.22Ghost Print GalleryRichmond, VAw/ Area C, S Vitiello + M Berg
03.27Borealis FestivalBergen, Norwayw/ Whistle Pig Saloon, Faust, et al.
03.16Landmark KunsthallBergen, Norwayw/ Lovecult, Nesbø, Røkland+ Skog
03.06TransplantDale in Sunnfjordw/ Maia Urstad, Are Hauffen
03.02HKSBergen, Norwayw/ Liora Belford
02.15Sound of MuOslo, Norwayw/ Liondaler, Miasmah DJs
01.05Laptopia #5Tel-Aviv, Israelw/ G Aubry, M Schmickler, H Koch

Aphrosia | 2011
Aphrosia is an audiovisual work comprised of an electroacoustic improvisation by our group Mem1, and is accompanied by abstracted imagery based on footage gathered from our newly adopted home of Rhode Island, the Ocean State. During our time here, we have spent countless hours exploring deserted beaches in the dead cold of winter and examining strange sea foam washing up on the shore. This score for this piece is inspired by these experiences, and employs a reactive video system created by Mark Cetilia for use in live performances that combines spectral analysis with real-time video processing. This system affords direct and intuitive control of the manipulation of prerecorded video in real time through musical gestures, such as changes in dynamics, pitch and timbral content. This piece is not only a means of coming to terms with our new surroundings, but an attempt to form a symbiotic relationship between sound and image, where each reinforces the other. The score is an exploration of the vastness of the sea and the palpable augur of wind-swept ocean waves; the video, in turn, breathes and churns in synchronicity with our sonic gestures, trapped forever in time.

For more information, go to: http://vimeo.com/31059670
Hræsvelgr | 2010
We began our initial research for this piece as part of a residency at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway. Throughout our stay in Norway, we found ourselves perpetually in awe of the scenery surrounding us. We felt that the slowly-evolving sound works we were producing during this time had a natural place amongst the massive fjords and expansive skies. There was room in this landscape for us. In Hræsvelgr, the video footage recorded by Mark Cetilia consists of a single stationary shot of rolling fog that slowly covers and reveals a snow-capped mountain in Dale i Sunnfjord, just steps from a gallery in which we had a performance during the time this video was recorded. Raw, unedited footage captured in Dale is played back, altered, and captured in real time using custom software, but is neither sped up nor slowed down for dramatic effect. This piece exists as a meditation on time — living within a specific moment and cherishing that moment. By spending countless hours getting to know the footage, and developing a reactive video system specifically for this piece, we were able to form a symbiotic relationship with the content of the video recording. We created the sound for Hræsvelgr through a series of improvisational performances, and were nourished by the stunning scenery captured in the video throughout this process.

For more information, go to: http://vimeo.com/17445180
Visiting Hours | 2009
"Visiting Hours" is a site-specific audiovisual composition created by Mark + Laura Cetilia for the Laptopia #5 exhibition at the Museums of Bat Yam, Israel. Recordings of the museum and the other artists working in the space were gathered by Mark (video) and Laura (sound) during the week prior to the opening. These recordings were used to create a library of material from which we each produced a finished work, and then exchanged. Laura then created a new work with cello and electronics based on Mark's video ("East"), and Mark created a video based on Laura's manipulated field recordings ("West"). The results are two synchronized audiovisual works installed as a single dual-channel audio / visual piece for the exhibition at MoBY.

To view project documentation, go to: http://www.vimeo.com/mem1
Sonodendron | 2007
Sonodendron is a fully immersive work that explores the sonic potentials of cello and electronics on both a microscopic and macroscopic scale. With a 5.1 Surround Sound score by Mem1 and video by internationally acclaimed media artist Liora Belford, Sonodendron is a visceral tour through the bowels and extremities of the cello.

For more information, go to: http://www.duprass.com
Infinite Delay | 2006
"A restrained subject surrenders to a sublime state of waiting in a mysterious underwater world." –Sundance Film Festival

Infinite Delay is an experimental film short that features mesmerizing underwater visuals with a breathtaking, immersive soundscape. This swirling pool of interrelated sounds and imagery features an original score with processed signal paths by Kadet along with artists Mem1, a collaborative venture between Laura Thomas-Merino and M. Cera in which sounds generated by extended cello technique are manipulated using custom software built in Max/MSP.

Infinite Delay is a film about the sublime nature of consciousness. It explores the subtleties of tension that exist between surrender and resistance through an unconventional, experiential narrative. The captivating underwater images of a restrained subject present a dialectic - possibly depicting someone who is being forced to wait, or alternatively representing a subject actively engaged in the erotics of waiting. The voiceless figure in this mysterious subterranean world investigates how renunciation could be an affirmation of power and a means of absolute embodiment. The sensing body in its inaction surrenders itself, and all questions of identity and placement are dissolved into a virtual suspension of absolute definition. The result is a blurring of lines - between the inner and outer world, self and other, and past and present.

For more information, go to: http://www.tektonicshift.com