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ashley paul plays reeds, unique string instruments, electronics and sings. her dream-like music juxtaposes aggressive, sustained high pitched blasts, floating vocals, clattering strings and bells, cry-like saxophones and is somehow tied together by oddly melodic songs. in the past year she performed with loren connors, aki onda, joe morris, and greg kelley, premiered a new work by phill niblock for soprano saxophone and bowed crotales (written for her and eli keszler), performed as part of the us premiere of mauricio kagel's masterpiece 'der schall' at merkin concert hall in new york and was heard in a live feature on wzbc's rare frequency. additionally, ashley performs regularly with anthony coleman in duo, trio and on his recent new world records release, plays duo with eli keszler and has recently begun performing solo, sharing the stage with thurston moore, mats gustaffson, chris corsano and others.

"an entirely impressive collection of alvin lucier / horatio radulescu-lineage difference tones, discordant euro-style free improv, and rattling, almost no-wave esque exercises ...a form destroyer if there ever was one ; highly recommended !!!" —keith fullerton whitman, mimaroglu music sales

"album of the column from this newcomer...dol is an intriguing hybrid, merging long-form tones with primitivist diy clatter and improv dissonance. paul handles the mutually antagonistic idioms with aplomb and a winning mixture of accuracy and rawness." —wire magazine november 2008 

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eli keszler is a composer/multi instrumentalist based in new england.  he primarily uses percussion to create his sound, which balances droning harmonics created from bowed percussion with intense and fast free rhythm. in addition to his solo releases and performances, he has performed, recorded or collaborated with a number of artists such as jandek, roscoe mitchell, greg kelley (nmperign), geoff mullen, t model ford,pianist ran blake, geoff mullen (last visible dog), steve pyne (redhorse),  and legend of jamaican music lyn taitt.  he has recently completed an lp which was released by geoff mullen's rare youth label. eli keszler, along with ashley paul are artists in residence at issue project room in brooklyn ny for the spring.  during this period, performances are scheduled in collaboration with phill niblock, loren connors, aki onda, bryan eubanks, charles cohen among others.

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mem1 seamlessly blends the sounds of cello and electronics to create a limitless palette of sonic possibilities. in their improvisation-based performances, mark and laura cetilia's use of custom hardware and software, in conjunction with a uniquely subtle approach to cello technique, results in the creation of a single voice rather than a duet between two individuals. their music moves beyond melody, lyricism and traditional structural confines, revealing an organic evolution of sound that has been called "a perfect blend of harmony and cacophony" (forced exposure). hailing from los angeles, mem1 has traveled extensively, performing at roulette (nyc), redcat / disney hall (la), the orange county museum of art, electronic church (berlin), the laptopia festival (tel-aviv), the san francisco electronic music festival, and the borealis festival (bergen). in 2007, they were awarded an artist residency at harvestworks in new york for the creation of a new surround sound piece entitled sonodendron. they have since taken part in residencies at steim and kunstenaarslogies in the netherlands and usf verftet in bergen, norway. in 2009, they created a site-specific installation for the museums of bat yam (israel); their work has been screened and installed at venues including the sundance film festival, fringe exhibitions (los angeles), and the hordaland kunstsenter (bergen). their third full-length album, +1, consisting of collaborations between mem1 and artists such as steve roden, jan jelenik, and frank bretschneider, was released in spring 2009 by interval recordings.

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